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ClubProcure clients receive the benefits of Xtreme Hospitality's buying power.
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With more than 50 years experience in cross Canada operations, XH has Tier 1 pricing across Canada and is excited to offer these benefits to the ClubProcure clients. Simply put, XH brings your their BUYING POWER.

Here’s a rundown of these new programs and the savings you can find by using them:

• Molson-Coors is proud to boast a 58% market share in Canada and keep growing as they bring in more and more brands including Canada’s fastest growing market, the Craft Beer sector.

• Groupon: Create offers that coincide with the seasons and your marketing program that tie in to your goals and objectives (boost non-traditional membership offerings such as banquet bookings, end of season or pre season trial membership, pro shop sales, etc…)

• Middlesex Business Supply: All your disposable product needs under one roof for way below retail! Receipt Rolls, Plate Liners, Garbage Bags, Tin Foil, and 1000’s of other items! Just added, Blazun Drinkware! - http://www.blazundrinkware.com/ - Top quality & unbreakable. As a ClubProcure client, don’t only save dollars on the products, but minimum purchase amount for delivery has been lowered. Also ClubProcure clients get paper towel dispensers, napkin holders, etc.. FREE on your first consultation when ordering the refills from Middlesex. Clients are saving between 4-10% on purchases! That’s approximately $3,000 per year of savings!

Why wait to save? Our seasons are short, lets start saving and earning dollars today!


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